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The Company Register is the central platform for saving legally relevant company data. All important information required to be published about companies is collected centrally here and made electronically retrievable for interested parties On this site you will find the registers of companies, cooperatives and partnerships and also of associations registered in all federal states in Germany as well as announcements for the register (publications). Any structured information provided for retrieval by individual federal states if any, shall be deemed a non-binding service provision. In some specific cases the contents may vary from the current printout or may contain information that is incomplete Company Address. The company address always relates to the company data registered on the registry folio maintained by the competent Companies Registry. Branch establishments are not listed there with their own addresses, meaning that it is not possible to search via the address of a branch office. In this case, enter the company address of the. Ministry of Planning and Investment - Department of Business Registration - Company Register: 873,330: 850,710: 20: 7.04: Virginia (US) State Corporation Commission: 2,005,470: 2,355,809: 55: 4.57: Washington (US) Corporations Division, Office of the Secretary of State: 1,449,679: 4,417,955: 80: 4.57: West Virginia (US) West Virginia Secretary of State: 507,812: 1,603,052: 30: 4.5 a company register, which is a register of legal entities in the jurisdiction they operate under, for the purpose of establishimg, dissolving, acquisition of legal capacity and (in some cases) juridical personality, determination of legal representation, protection, accountability and control of legal entities

To align with the announcement by the Government to resume the provision of some basic public services in a safe and orderly manner to meet the needs of the public and enterprises, starting from 28 January 2021, the Companies Registry will reopen the Public Search Centre while maintaining the counter services for receiving documents delivered in hard copy and collection of certificates for company incorporations currently provided We register company information and make it available to the public. Companies House is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Insolvency Register: European Business Registry Association (EBRA) Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS

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The Malta Business Registry (MBR), established under Subsidiary Legislation 497.27, is responsible for the registration of new commercial partnerships, the registration of documents related to commercial partnership, the issuing of certified documentation including certificates of good-standing amongst others, the reservation of company names, the collection of registration and other fees, the publication of notices and the imposition and collection of penalties It provides information about companies, foundations, associations and other entities. More specifically, the register contains various types of information related to these entities: National Court Register number (KRS number) REGON number (the number in the central economic activity list WELCOME. The Central Mercantile Register (1) ,an OFFICIAL INSTITUTION, provides the access to the companies information supplied by the Regional Mercantile Registers after the 1 January 1990, once the data has been organized and processed in accordance with Section 379 of the Mercantile Register Regulations currently in effect. (1) Central Commercial Register - Central Corporate Register.

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  1. Insolvency Register : European Business Registry Association (EBRA) Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS
  2. . central registry: Zentralregister {n} ad
  3. istered and maintained by the Companies Office contribute to New Zealand's efficient and transparent business environment. Companies register Companies registe
  4. Welcome to use the electronic filing service provided by the Companies Registry. A full scale electronic filing service covering 84 specified forms is available at the e-Registry portal. You may deliver specified forms and related documents required for registration under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to the Registrar of Companies in.

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Overseas registries. This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0 except where otherwise stated. To view this licence, visit nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open. Use our directories of Canadian companies to find suppliers, research competitors, check a company's federal corporation status and more. Search or browse the directories or register your own company

Sign in / Register. For Information: Following the government's response to the corporate transparency and register reform consultation, the records for companies dissolved since 2010 are now available on this service. The Certificate Ordering Service has a 14 day backlog due to ongoing Covid restrictions. The automatic extensions granted by. The Companies Registry (Hong Kong) (CR, Chinese: 公司註冊處) is a government department under the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong Companies Registry. setting up a new company or business. changing the name of an existing company or business. and ensure the name you apply for is unique, distinctive and not too similar to that of another company or business. For further guidance see ' Choosing your company or business name '. Purchased documents will be available for 1. Business registration applies to every business in Hong Kong. Businesses other than corporation (e.g. sole proprietorship or partnership businesses) must make their applications within one month of business commencement. Learn more about the application procedures for new business registration as well as renewal and cancellation. Online Business Registration Number Enquiry. Search for Business. Companies; Prices; Contact; Login/Register; Know who you're dealing with? Search for any South African business by name or company number. View risk scores, credit limits, copies of original accounts filings, extract financial figures and find detailed information including company directors, shareholders, cash, assets and liabilities, CCJs, web addresses and phone numbers. Pay for only what.

Your annual return, which includes your address, and details of directors and shareholders, must be updated on the Companies Register every year. How to file an annual return Annual returns for overseas companies File an annual retur Search companies by name, business number, or registry ID Search search. Active businesses. Active and inactive businesses. As of now, we get information from the official registries of Alberta, British Columbia, Corporations Canada, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. This service lets you search across these registries at one time. Information from these registries may be updated on.

This information must be limited to what is necessary for the identification of the provider, such as company registration numbers, and the provider's contact persons, the provider's address, a short description of the network or service, and an estimated date for starting the activity. eur-lex.europa.eu . eur-lex.europa.eu. Diese Angaben müssen sich auf die für die Identifizierung des. Companies Registry. setting up a new company or business. changing the name of an existing company or business. and ensure the name you apply for is unique, distinctive and not too similar to that of another company or business. For further guidance see ' Choosing your company or business name '. Purchased documents will be available for 1. European Business register. The European Business Register is a network of business registers kept by the registration authorities in most of the European countries. EBR makes it possible for everybody to obtain comparable, official company information from the countries connected to the network. EBR makes official information on European. Set up a business. Business registration. Find permit. Being an entrepreneur in Sweden. Moving to Sweden to start a business. Find advisors. Help to search business name (in Swedish) Register beneficial ownership information What is happening to your case? (in Swedish About CVR - The Central Business Register. CVR is the Danish state's master register of information about businesses. Here, you can search businesses and find their CVR numbers, addresses, business type, etc. Navigation and headings are in English, but you will meet a lot of Danish content

KVK Chamber of Commerce officially registers companies and gives them advice and support. The main task of the Chamber of Commerce is to keep the Commercial Register The e-Business Register is one of the first services of the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems, being the basis for developing the Company Registration Portal and the Visualised Business Register. The e-Business Register is a service based on the database of the registry departments of county courts and displaying the real-time data of all legal persons registered in Estonia. Registry. We hold and update nine registers including Jersey companies, business names, foundations, partnerships and security interests. myRegistry myRegistry. myRegistry help myRegistry help. Annual confirmation Annual confirmation. Company search Company search. Registry fees Registry fees. Register or make a change Register or make a change Online Business Registration (Seychelles) Search Business and Company Business and Company Search provides access to the publicly available information on the Seychelles Business Register provided by businesses when they register their entity

  1. Αν συμπληρωθούν πάνω από ένα κριτήρια, θα πρέπει να ικανοποιούνται όλα για να επιστραφεί η επιχείρηση σαν αποτέλεσμα
  2. g a domestic company under the Companies Ordinance, No. 4 of 1999. For a more complete understanding of the provisions referenced in this document, the Ordinance should be consulted. Brochure-Incorporating-a-domestic-company.pdf 172 kB. Read More
  3. The CRO deals with the registration of companies and business names. The Company Search Facility allows you to look up information on companies and business names and purchase images of documents
  4. This extended transitional period will also provide additional time for businesses to take steps to register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. For more information see our help section. Update your ABN details. It is essential your ABN details are kept up-to-date. Many agencies across all levels of government rely on ABN information to target and.
  5. Companies Registration Office with company registration number 556722-5072. takeover.ch Capio ist eine private Aktiengesellschaft (privat aktiebolag), die nach schwedischem Rech
  6. Verify the Existence of an Enterprise. If you use this search, you will be able to view if a company exist, and if so, what the Enterprise Name, Enterprise Number, Registration Date is and the status of the enterprise (if the enterprise is in business), as well as the Registered and Postal Address of the enterprise. This search is free of charge
  7. You can register a Company, Business Name (Trading Name), Foreign Company (External Company) or Limited Partnership with the CRO. Please note that the CRO Public Office is based in Gloucester Place Lower, Dublin 1, on the corner with Sean MacDermott Street. A company registered under the Companies Act 2014 becomes a body corporate as and from the date mentioned in its certificate of.
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The Registry of Corporate Affairs primarily administers the BVI Business Companies Act, and is responsible for ensuring that entities doing business in and from within the Territory are duly registered, and that the Register of Companies is properly maintained The Companies Registry has played an integral part in the development of the Cayman Islands as a highly ranked financial centre in the international business community. The growth continues at a steady pace with an average of 10,200 new companies registered each year over the past ten years. The registration and control of companies is governed by the Companies Law, the Limited Liability.

Fee Schedule - Companies Registry. Company registration processes are now online and have to be done on the E-Citizen platform. Payment is made via electronic means such as mobile money, credit or debit cards. Change of name of Company/Business Name/Limited Liability Partnership. Business Name Kshs 800 subject to penalties South African COVID-19 Information Portal. Compliance Checklist for Companies. Reduction of Fees for Co-operative Registration and Amendment. Changes on the Identification Process for Company Registrations. Court Orders Submitted to CIPC for Implementation A business registration certificate (or extract) notably contains information such as : registration number and date, legal form, director(s), activity, events, capital. If needed, we can provide an English translation with this extract. If you are planning to file for a trademark or to register a new company name in South Korea it is a good idea to do preliminary worldwide screening in order. BUSINESS HOURS Monday - Friday 8:00 - 15:00 non-stop. E-MAIL management@curacao-chamber.cw (Management) registry@curacao-chamber.cw (Registry Affairs) businessinfo@curacao-chamber.cw (Curaçao Business Information Center / Investment Promotion & Business Activities

Get Registry and financial information about a business in Mexico. Get independent and reliable information reports about Mexican firms on Info-clipper.com : Reduce credit risk and improve knowledge about your customers, suppliers, competitors in Mexico. Info-clipper.com is a pay-as-you-go, subscription-free service Company registration with the French Trade Register includes company name, social capital, date of incorporation, initial capital, governing bodies. The main company registration centers in France . As mentioned above, there are several centers which handle the procedure of opening a company in France. These are: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is in charge with the registration of. Ways to check Chinese company registration number; Now you have an understanding of how the registration number works and a breakdown of what they mean, let's explore the ways to check the Chinese company registration number. There are many steps to take, but you want to ensure that all documents are legitimate. Request a copy of the registration number from the company you are vetting; Look. You may choose to reserve a name first and then register the company later or do the name application and registration at one go. You can now purchase a Special UEN (SUN) for your Local Company . Click About Special UEN button below to find out more. Register now Learn more About Special UEN. Not sure which business entity to register? ClickHereto view our business entity, structure.

Italy Companies Registry functions. The Italian Business Register, the Register of Protests, the Trademarks and Patents Archive where 6 million companies, 10 million people, 900,000 financial statements and over a million trademarks are filed each year. Register of Italian company details: it contains information (incorporation, amendments. This register is part of the New Zealand Companies Register and you can search for specific overseas companies using that search. You can only find all the companies on the Overseas Register or filter search results to show only overseas companies by doing an advanced search of the Companies Register. In the advanced search: select Entity type; to find all overseas companies, from the drop. Companies Register. Partnerships Register. Trusts Register. Intellectual Property Rights. Non-Profit Organisations. Birth, Death & Marriages. Civil Partnerships. Insights & Guidance. View statistical information, guidance notes and information from General Registry. 123 No. of Trusts added last year (2020) 4,510 . No. of Partnerships added last year (2020) 11,731 Companies registered last year. This means that even if a China company registration search website were made available with an English-language interface, users would most likely still require knowledge of the Chinese language in order to carry out successful searches on the database. Further, even once the registration record for a company has been found, navigation and all of the company information is in Chinese and not. More than one million business entities take advantage of Delaware's complete package of incorporation services, including modern and flexible corporate laws, our highly-respected Judiciary and legal community, a business-friendly government, and the customer-service-oriented staff of the Division of Corporations. You can also stay current on Delaware Corporate Law and explore more reasons why.

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Search Company or Business Enter Name: The cost of downloading a copy of a file is $20.00 TTD (files are in PDF format). There are over 1,750,000+ documents indexed.. If you browse on Companies Registry (CR) Homepage on a desktop computer, a modern web browser will allow you to hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on a Macintosh) and press the + or - key to increase or decrease the text size, and 0 to go back to the default size. On a smartphone or a tablet, you can simply pinch open on the screen to zoom in (i.e. to enlarge) and pinch close to zoom out (i.e. New online services for extra-provincial registration; March 3, 2021 Trusts Operating a Commercial Enterprise: Deadline for Filing Your 2020 Annual Updating Declaration; December 17, 2020 Fees Indexed on January 1, 2021; December 15, 2020 Filing the 2021 Annual Updating Declaration; December 14, 2020 Business Hours During the Holidays; December 8, 2020 Tabling of the bill to improve the. Company Searches. Please note: These guidance notes are not intended to be definitive legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The interpretation of legislation is a matter on which the Guernsey Registry cannot advise and entities/individuals need to form their own independent view on compliance with the legislation

The cost of registering a company. The cost of registering a company ranges from $417 - $506, depending on the type of company you register. See the current list of company fees on the ASIC website. How long it takes to register a company. A company application should take you around 15 minutes to complete online Company Registration in USA. For starting a business in the USA, the first step is to start with the company registration process. There are a few steps that need to be taken care of for US company registration. USA government has given few relaxations to foreign nationals who want to set up a business over there. A foreigner can set up or. Official company data: Copy of Register, E-Signed Copy of Register (in .es3 format), Official copy of company records, Balance sheet, profit and loss statement, company information for all the Hungary based companies in 2 minutes. All electronic documents are online and immediately downloadable after the successful payment. Regularly updated hungarian company database for search, and realtime.

Company and business name search summaries with ABNs link to the Australian Business Register. type of company or organisation; registration date; next review date; location of registered office; any professional licences or registrations (e.g. an Australian financial services licence or credit licence). Full details on the information available is on ASIC Connect. Significant global entities. For company registration in Hong Kong, the company must have a registered office in Hong Kong. It should be a physical or virtual address for postal service of important government communication or verification purpose. Taxation aspect. Liberal taxation rate is one of the main reasons for company registration in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, for companies profit tax is defined at the rate of 16.5%.

Welcome to the Guernsey Registry website. This site provides information on the various registers maintained by the Registry as required under Guernsey legislation. In addition, this site publishes notices in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 and provides guidance notes on the administration of limited companies and limited. A limited company is the most common type in HK company registry. A limited company's shareholder is only liable for any debt the company accrues depending on the levels of his/her own investment, and will not bear any debt beyond such investment. This allows financial security to the shareholder. The taxation benefits is that any profit made outside of Hong Kong will not be taxed. Annual. Isle of Man Companies Registry. The Registries Building will open as again from Monday 19 April, however in order to protect our staff and our customers we are asking for your help - please continue to use our electronic services wherever possible but if you do need to come in to the Registries Building, please can you keep the duration of your visit to the minimum

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To Register a company: SPICe+ . Related Links and Artefacts. Acquire Digital Signature; Register a Digital Signature; All About e-Filing ; Track SRN Status; Form No. DIR-3 [zip] (231 KB) Form No. INC-3 [zip] (173 KB) Form No. INC-22 [zip] (251 KB) Form No. DIR-12 [zip] (322 KB) Form No. URC-1 [zip] (170 KB) Form No. FC-1 [zip] (382 KB) Director Identification Number FAQs; One Person Company. The Registry of Commerce from Hungary offers information regarding registered companies. Anyone interested can obtain information such as registration number, social security numbers, main activity, social capital and registered office. The procedures of liquidation and bankruptcy are regulated by the Court of Company Registration

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Company Registry Search in Hong Kong - All Entrepreneurs Must Know. Entrepreneurs come from all over the world to set up a company in Hong Kong. For this purpose, a Hong Kong company search (com search) or business registration search Hong Kong is often necessary to provide more information and insight into the companies you may intend to do business with. A company registry search (co. Online Search on Company's Particulars. If you are doing business with Hong Kong companies and would like to know more information about them, the Hong Kong Companies Registry offers online search services on companies registered in Hong Kong. You may conduct searches on the company's particulars at the Cyber Search Centre of the Hong Kong Companies Registry where the following up-to-date. Emerhub's company registry in Vietnam is easily accessible, and it takes only one working day to receive the requested reports. You will get ahold of the requested information in four simple steps: Visit our company registry search page to get started. Related posts from Vietnam. Expat Guide to Buying Property in Vietnam ; How to Start an E-Commerce Business in Vietnam ; Employing Foreign. Trade registration in Germany is called Gewerbeanmeldung. This is done at your local trade office which is called a Gewerbeamt. Click here for a guide on how to fill in the Gewerbeanmeldung form. Can be done in parallel with the previous step. Tip: If you're setting up a business in Berlin or Hessen it can complete the registration online in.

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Swedish Companies Registration Office. The Swedish Companies Registration Office chiefly deals with the registration of new companies and registration changes for existing companies, receives annual reports, registers corporate mortgages and takes decisions on liquidations. Swedish Companies Registration Office website EU Business Register: das steht im Schreiben. Das Schreiben zum Eintrag in das EU Business Register der niederländischen Firma EU Business Services Ltd. ist in Englisch verfasst. Das an die E-Mail angehängte Formular hat den Titel Company Data Control. Darin werden die Firmendaten der angeschriebenen Firmen abgefragt, eine. If the registration application or other documents of a particular company are faked, this company, most probably, will not be to found in the database or it will be a totally different company and with other managing directors, legal address etc. This way, subscribers of the database are protected from pretenders and cheaters Singapore Data Register for Companies is part of Asia Pacific initiation to link corporate companies and businesses within the region on membership basis to share opportunities. This site is operated by Data Register for Members to use the built in features of the site like company highlighting, domain registration, web hosting, web design, data storage design, and job posting, etc with an.

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The IES (Simplified Corporate Information) allows, in a single act, compliance with four legal obligations for businesses: the delivery of the annual statement of accounts and tax information, registration of accountability, the provision of information regarding annual accounting data for statistical purposes to the Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal) and the provision of information of a. Starting a business. Register as a new user; Reserving a business name; Register your business; How we process your application; What happens next? Re-registration; Searching; Change details. Change your business details; Company Authority; Filing Annual Declaration; Dissolution of a Company; SAMPLE FORMS; Laws and Regulations . ច្បាប់/LAWS; ប្រកាស/PRAKAS; ផ្សេ When the list of names is returned click the name and the information page will be returned. The entity information provided on this website, free of charge, consists of the entity name, file number, incorporation/formation date, registered agent name, address, phone number and residency. However, additional information can be obtained for a fee Registers. The following registers are accessible to the public in general or under specific conditions. Thanks to the public search facility of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. (link is external) (BCE/KBO), you can look up public information on any company and establishment registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE/KBO)

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Das European Business Register (EBR) ist eine seit 1992 bestehende Kooperation einiger Handelsregister in Europa. Anfang 2016 beteiligten sich 28 europäische Staaten am EBR. Die Europäische Kommission unterstützt die Maßnahme zum Bürokratieabbau und insbesondere die Entwicklung einer mehrsprachigen gemeinsamen Schnittstelle. Organisatorisch besteht eine gewisse Verwandtschaft mit dem. Keep your company records up to date: Manage a portfolio of watched companies: Electronically file submissions including: - Change of Company Name - Add/Remove Company Directors - Change registered office - Company annual validations - Trade mark registrations - Trade mark renewals - Trade Mark change proprietor name and address details: Full details of how to register and use the online. Filing of Annual Return. Other Documents. Payment of Trade Fee/Registration Fee. Register your business. Search Online (free of Charge) Payment of Trade Fee by a Company. Payment of Trade Fee by an Individual. Find out More. Incorporate your Company,get your Business Registration Number for your Business and pay your Trade Fee Overseas company registration; Business Name ; Limited Liability Partnerships ; BCCAR Business Transformation Case Overview. Read More. Due to Covid- 19 restrictions, we ask that instead of visiting our office, you make all efforts to contact us via email. The procedures to request a service via email are as follows: 1. Send email request. For inquires on fees and vetting of documents, kindly.

- Registration In Any Language - High Quality Professional Service - Online Name Check & Reservations; Get in touch. Home. Introduction. Belize is an independent country, beautiful by nature, located on the Caribbean coast of Central America. It has an area of approximately 9,000sq miles being 174 miles at its longest point and 68 miles at its widest point. The total population is estimated at. Firmenindex des Eidgenössischen Amtes für das Handelsregister. Links zu den kantonalen Ämtern The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is responsible for all matters related to the incorporation and registration of companies in DIFC. The Registrar receives, reviews and processes all applications submitted by prospective DIFC registrants seeking to establish a presence in the DIFC in accordance with the Companies Law, the General Partnership Law, the Limited Liability Partnership Law, or the. Company registry in Indonesia contains specific data about Indonesian entities and grounds on the Indonesian Company Law 40 of 2007 for Limited Liability Companies. As a foreigner who is planning to conduct business in Indonesia, you can use this platform to carry out research or do some background check. For example, before you close deals with new partners or sign agreements

Both company registration number and business registration number are the brand that marks your company as distinct, legally. You will need to quote these numbers when interacting with Companies Registry, Inland Revenue Department and setting up a company bank account in Hong Kong. References [1] Inland Revenue Department. (2018, February. register as an extra-provincial or extra-territorial corporation in all other Canadian jurisdictions where you plan to do business apply for any permits and licences your business may need In some cases, registration for these accounts is streamlined (in other words, you can sometimes get your business number, tax accounts, and provincial registrations as part of the incorporation process) Liberian corporate entities are cost efficient, confidential, simple to form and administer, and can be formed in one business day. The Registry also has a world-wide network of full-service offices that are supported by professional staff that are available to legalize and accept documents for filing - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Direct connection with the Companies Register and other official sources Annual Accounts. Assesses the financial health of any company and avoids unnecessary risks. We have the most comprehensive updated details on thousands of businesses in Spain. Annual Accounts Company Reports . The complete Infoempresa report will allow you to consult all the financial, commercial and legal information on. We cannot proceed and start a business registration without these documents, so please send these to us as soon as possible to speed up your registration. How long will the business registration process take. This all depends on the workload at the Cipc and as per their timeframe. All Cipc company registrations are processed on a first come first serve basis and as the registration time.

Spain's Company Registry (Registro Mercantil) The Registro Mercantil is Spain's official registry of companies (or Companies House). Their Electronic Registry has a version in English and is quite simple to use. To start, click on card payments. Once you pay with a credit card (under 5€ per consultation), you receive the basic information about a Spanish company, including the company's. Georgia company register was set up under the Law of Georgia on State Registry, which was adopted in this country on 1st of June 2004. The Public Registry is responsible for the registration functions and tax services (front office), official property registrations, taxes on property, movable and immovable property, entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs (non-commercial) legal persons, geodesy. Search for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Trademarks by Nam IBU PEJABAT SSM@SENTRAL KUALA LUMPUR MENARA SSM@SENTRALNo.7, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5Kuala Lumpur Sentral50623 Kuala Lumpur.TARIKH TUTUP27 dan 28 Mei 2021 (Khamis dan Jumaat)Akan beroperasi semula pada 31 Mei 2021 (Isnin) MANFAATKAN PERKHIDMATAN ATAS TALIAN BERIKUT (a) Portal Ezbiz - https://ezbiz.ssm.com.my (b) Portal MyCoID -https://mycoid2016. Welcome to use the electronic filing service provided by the Companies Registry. A full scale electronic filing service covering 84 specified forms is available at the e-Registry portal. You may deliver specified forms and related documents required for registration under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions.

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Problems of Mexico company registration. Doing business in Mexico can be challenging to foreign individuals because: Mexico has a weak legal system. While contracts are generally upheld, courts are inefficient and vulnerable to political interference, leading to unjust decisions in business dealings; Mexico suffers from a high corruption, being ranked the 138 th least corrupt country in the. Oregon Secretary of State Corporate Division. Search for a business name in the Business Registry Database. Search by business name or registry number If you need a business registration number from one of the states listed on this page, all you need to do is click on one of the links below. You will leave the IRS website and enter the state website. If you are from one of these states and you also want to get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), you may obtain both your state and.

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